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Using administrative taxation data to improve sample design and estimation - An ABS perspective
*Eden Brinkley, Australian Bureau of Statistics 
Annette Scott, Australian Bureau of Statistics 

Keywords: sample design, quality, coherence, GST, model based estimation, learnings

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has used Goods and Services Tax (GST) data for many years now as benchmarks for sample design and estimation. In an effort to improve the quality of estimates from our annual Economic Activity Survey (EAS), as well as their coherence with estimates from our Quarterly Business Indicators Survey, we recently embarked on a research program to better understand the underlying quality of GST data and its implications for sample design and estimation.

The ABS subsequently used this knowledge to improve the sample design for EAS, and to develop new and improved model based estimation methodologies for key estimates for fine level domains. The paper discusses ABS experiences and learnings from our use of GST data, as well as issues and plans for the future.