Online Program

An Integrated Framework for Designing a Business Survey Communication Strategy
*Ger Snijkers, Statistics Netherlands 

Keywords: Business survey communication strategy, Getting response, Communication components, Design framework

An element of business surveys that has had little attention is survey communication; in our forthcoming Wiley book it will be discussed extensively. In essence, survey communication is aimed at getting response: getting the questionnaire to the sampled businesses and getting the data back. A communication strategy includes a number of actions in the pre-field, field and post-field stage, like getting to the right respondent, sending the questionnaire, follow-up reminding, helping respondents, etc. It consists of many items, like letters, web sites, helpdesk, phone calls, etc., communicating a message. A communication strategy is not just a collection of these items. Apart from simply sending the questionnaire, survey communication can be used to motivate and facilitate response. To be effective, in all stages the strategy should be tailored to the recipient (manager or respondent), and various business characteristics like size, ability, and past behaviour. To get timely, accurate and complete response, at low costs and response burden, a coherent and tailored plan of action is needed. We will discuss a framework for designing an effective communication strategy for business surveys.