Online Program

Using incomplete VAT-data for turnover estimates in Europe
*Pieter Vlag, Statistics Netherlands 

Keywords: Administrative Data, Short term statistics

Several National Statistical Institutions (NSIs) in Europe use VAT for turnover estimates.They are, however, often faced with the problem that these administrative data are not available at the time when they are needed. This is in particular the case for Short Term Statistics (STS). Therefore monthly and quarterly statistics have to be estimated using incomplete data for the relevant period and/or data for preceding periods. Results then have to be adjusted as the coverage of administrative data becomes more complete Within the ESSnet Admin Data three practices have been described for estimation of turnover growth rates. These practices will be discussed and compared. Special attention will be paid on early estimates, e.g. estimates within 30 days after the end of the month, when only very few administrative data are available for the relevant period.