Online Program

Profiling large and complex MNEs
*Pierre Teillet, Insee 

Keywords: profiling, statistical units, multinationals, consistency

Profiling has the objective to create a way towards an economic definition of the "enterprise" statistical unit. This 2009/2013 project will then be progressively disseminated to and used by all the European Countries.

One of most innovative part of the EGR project, it will, for the first time, proceed by analysing, consistently at the global multinational and at the national levels, the legal, operational and accounting structure of multinationals, to establish the statistical units having the most efficient characteristics for collection of statistical data.

After the 2010 feasibility study, proposing the adequate system of statistical units, the profiling partnership (7 EU and EFTA countries) is now implementing the methodology and operational methods, writing the manual and guidelines, testing it in common on a "set" of MNEs and preparing the enlargement to new participating European countries from the middle of 2012.

The presentation will describe the state of the art, insisting as well on the success as on the difficulties; and it will try to draw some lessons from this new way to improve quality, consistency and accuracy in national and European business statistics.