Online Program

Wikiprogress by OECD
*Angela Costrini HARICHE, OECD 

Keywords: data visualisation, indicators

There is an increasing gap between what official statistics say about economic performance and how people perceive their own living conditions. There is a real risk that people lose faith in governments’ ability to address “what matters for them” which has implications for the very functioning of democracy. The OECD started to address these concerns over 7 years ago and this led to the launch of the Global Project on Measuring the Progress of Societies in 2007 in partnership with other international organisations. We will explore the OECD’s contribution to the measuring progress agenda, issues of civic participation in creation and communication of new indicators of progress and what innovative tools are being developed to promote this endeavor.

Main references will include the OECD Development Centre’s 2011 Perspectives on Global Development work on social cohesion, the Commission on the Measurement of Economic and Social Progress, stories from the OECD Statistics Directorate and other Global Project members on Wikiprogress and Wikigender as well as select data visualization tools from the OECD's “Seminar on Innovative Approaches to Turning Statistics into Knowledge”.