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WITHDRAWN - Next steps in developing and maining relationships with large enterprises at the U.S. Census Bureau
Charles F. Brady, U.S. Census Bureau 


Abstract: Large complex enterprises are very important to the United States economy. They account for over 30 percent of all business employment and a substantial share of Gross Domestic Product. Their participation in statistical surveys is critical to publishing timely and accurate information, both in the quinquennial economic census and in monthly, quarterly, and annual economic surveys. At the same time, large enterprises are subject to relatively greater reporting burden. The Census Bureau has conducted an Account Manager (AM) program for several economic censuses. Account Managers encourage participation by large enterprises, and connect them with resources necessary for successful reporting with minimum burden. Beginning in 2008, the Business Research, Development and Innovation Survey, an annual survey program, also utilized the AM model, with excellent results. For the 2012 Economic Census, the Census Bureau is expanding the AM program to include more large enterprises, and implementing other enhancements to help large businesses prepare for and complete the census. Two new research efforts are shedding additional light on large enterprises and their relationship with the Census Bureau. An online environmental scan explored business awareness of the Census Bureau’s economic statistics programs and business perception of the Census Bureau. A new study of Large Company Reporting Practices is examining how enterprises approach their reporting responsibilities, and how the reporting process can be improved. This paper reviews the 2007 Economic Census and BRDIS AM programs and their results, changes planned for the 2012 Economic Census AM program, and initial findings from the record keeping and awareness studies.