Online Program

Collecting data electronically from enterprises – searching for the right approach
Joseph Keating, Central Statistics Office 
*Susana Portillo, Central Statistics Office 

Keywords: Electronic Data Capture, Pilot Studies

Nearly all data on enterprise surveys in the Irish Central Statistics Office is collected from paper forms. This paper discusses approaches taken to try to maximise the number of enterprises responding electronically. We explain how piloting different approaches to electronic data collection on a small number of enterprises can lead to valuable information about the correct approach to take, without risk to the quality or reputation of the survey. The results of the pilot tests are presented, and we explain how they led to the eventual approach taken. The results of this approach are presented, including effects on the quality and timeliness of the survey results. We predict what the eventual role of electronic data capture in enterprise surveys will be in the Irish Central Statistics Office, and discuss the implications for the Office, for the respondents, and for the statistics produced.