Online Program

Online Data Collection in Agro-Food Sector
*Silvia Biffignandi, Università degli studi di Bergamo 

Keywords: Data collection, web panel, web survey, response rate, social exchange theory, recruitment

Innovation spreads swiftly in production, in distribution and in consumption of the Agro Food sector. Furthermore, policy strategies affect each aspect of the sector differently. Thus, significant data are needed to monitor different facets of this sector both from the businesses and the consumers point of view. To make quantitative information available new data collection modes as well as data dissemination have become key issues. Our paper focuses on the data collection using web surveys and web panels. A new panel construction project is presented: the PAADEL (Panel AAgro-Food and DEmographic in Lombardy). Panels on businesses and on consumers are set up under this project and some methodological studies undertaken. These paper describes the set of panels included in the project and one experimental studies on incentives which supported the idea of using incentives based on social exchange theory.