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Current Developments of Supply and Demand in the Labor Market in Israel
Elana Dror, Central Bureau of Statistics Israel  
*Mark Feldman, Central Bureau of Statistics Israel  

Keywords: Supply, Demand, Job Vacancy

A new method of analysis of the supply and demand in the labour market in Israel was present, based on two on-going surveys: the Job vacancy survey and the Labour force survey. The analysis was conducted by detailed occupations (3 digit ISCO code), and relates to the quarterly data was available in both surveys. The main findings show that in the 4th quarter of 2011: 1) Occupations, where a supply to demand ratio was less than 1, which means that the demand for workers surpasses the supply: System analysts and related computer professionals; Computer engineers; Technical and commerce sales representatives; Builders; Floor layers and tile setters, Stone cutters, Plasterers, Iron workers (in construction), Prefabricated elements assemblers and Scaffolders; Watchpersons. 2) Occupations, where a supply to demand ratio was greater than 10: Secretaries. The findings from this research have already helped decision makers to prepare special training programs in occupations where demand is larger then the supply, making decisions that concern foreign workers policy.