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The Integral Link between JVS (Job Vacancy Survey) and BTS (Business Tendency survey) – Israel’s Experience
*Elana Dror, Central Bureau of Statistics Israel  

Keywords: Job vacancey survey, Business Tendency survey

In May 2009, the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (the ICBS) began a new ongoing survey that collects monthly information about job vacancies in the business sector of the Israeli economy. The Job Vacancy Survey (JVS) was designed and implemented by the CBS after Israel joined the OECD, as a part of the series of current indicators that serve as diagnostic tools of the economic situation. In December of 2010, the ICBS, began another monthly survey– the Business Tendency Survey (BTS). This survey is also, one of a series of measures carried out in the context of Israel's entry into the OECD. The methodology used in both surveys conforms to the OECD guidelines for surveys of these types. In this paper I would like to show the integral link between the JVS and the BTS. The two surveys have common grounds: 1.They share the same sample frame (with few changes which I will describe later). The BTS is a sub-sample of the JVS. 2.Both surveys are run by the same computerized management. 3.The Technological system is almost identical 4.Both surveys publish their results very shortly after the end of the month (the JVS – on the 15th and the BTS on the 12th). In the paper I will explain in detail the link between the two surveys and I will try to show how the quantitative data from the JVS validates the qualitative data from the BTS.