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Overcoming Challenges in Frame Development: the National Survey of Residential Care Facilities
Ruby Johnson, RTI International 
*Linda Jean Lux, RTI International 


The National Survey of Residential Care Facilities (NSRCF), was a nationally representative sample of U.S. residential care facilities (RCFs) and their residents. Because, no standard definition exists for RCFs, and the number of residents within a facility is not straightforward, building the frame was a complex and challenging endeavor. Using licensure lists, often from multiple agencies within a state, we had to vet each list to only include those facility types that met the study definition in terms of size, services and location. Determining the number of residents was further complicated as facilities were sometimes licensed by apartments or shared rooms, not just by single beds. Some states licensed service providers which could serve multiple facilities. We present the issues faced in developing the frame, the outcome of our solutions, the characteristics of the resulting distribution, and the final frame used to screen and recruit facilities.