Online Program

Application of Selective Editing Techniques: Evaluation
*Ruey-Pyng Lu, U.S. Energy Information Administration 
Elizabeth E Panarelli, U.S. Energy Information Adminstration 
Jason W Worrall, U.S. Energy Information Administration 

Keywords: selective editing, business process, scoring

The Energy Information Administration is investigating the use of selective editing techniques for its establishment surveys with the goal of reducing the resources required to deliver quality summarized data. Several different methods of scoring item responses were applied and evaluated against historical survey data. Critical threshold values were set to compare error suspect selection sets of different sizes. An evaluation of the impacts of applying selective editing to an existing survey requires the existence of data on the modifications made to data by respondents and survey managers over time. The business process will be modified to provide a more transparent evaluation of selective editing procedures. The approach to evaluate scoring methods and associated business process requirements are discussed.