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Integration of a State specific sampling database with the NASS List Sampling Frame: a Case Study of the California Fruit Acreage Database
Kelly Albeleo, NASS/USDA 
Sarah Hoffman, NASS/USDA 
*Stanley J Hoge, NASS/USDA 

Keywords: Assessor Parcel Number, Operating Arrangement

Recently NASS has moved to centralize the national List Frame as part of an operational efficiency plan. There have been issues with agency efforts to standardize metadata and maintenance procedures in relation to Field Office maintained administrative and/or standalone databases and how this information can be effectively utilized in a centralized environment. This paper discusses issues specific to the California Fruit and Nut Acreage Database and how to maximize the use of this valuable data. The paper explains how the California Field Office has established the Fruit and Nut Acreage Database utilizing data through detailed county assessor information. These data are unique to California in that each land parcel has extensive information on crop(s), variety, year planted, planting system(s), tree or vine spacing , the number of trees or vines and the parcel acreage. Each parcel has information on the owner and/or operator which is used to link to the NASS List Frame. The List Frame is NASS’s primary sampling frame for state and national surveys and for the Census of Agriculture although the CA FO also utilizes its Fruit and Nut Database for sampling state and locally funded Fruit/Nut and Objective Measurement Surveys So, the Fruit and Nut Database is a separate stand alone database that in most cases is used as a sampling frame and it is maintained in parallel to the national List Frame. The issues discussed in the paper are where existing maintenance and metadata procedures conflict with new standards being established for the national List Frame.