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The treatment of large enterprise groups within Statistics Netherlands
*Kees Vennix, Statistics Netherlands 

Keywords: large enterprise groups, consistency, relationship management

Since 2010 Statistics Netherlands has a unit dedicated to delivering consistent micro data on large and complex enterprise groups (EG) for a number of business statistics. One of the reasons to create the unit were large inconsistencies between statistics that came to light when compiling the national accounts. These inconsistencies were caused by inconsistent micro data for large EG. It was expected that by concentrating the work on these EG in one unit inconsistencies could be detected and solved early in the statistical process and hence the quality of both individual statistics and national accounts could be improved. The unit deals with 300 EG, selected because of their size and complexity. It is responsible for maintaining the relations with the EG, profiling the structures in the business register, the processing of the micro data and eventually for delivering consistent micro data to the statistical departments. First results are promising, i.e. inconsistencies are detected and solved earlier. A good knowledge of the EG and good relations with them are of vital importance in this. In the paper the work of the unit will be described and some results will be presented.