Online Program

Developing and implementing a generalised tool for data collection and micro editing – experiences from Statistics Sweden
*Johan Erikson, Statistics Sweden 

Keywords: standardisation, generalised tools

Triton is the name of the new general yet flexible production environment for data collection and micro editing at Statistics Sweden. The first more developed version (compared to earlier prototypes) was released at the end of June 2011, and implementation in surveys started in August 2011. The long-term goal is to replace many of the old survey specific IT systems and use Triton for a majority of the surveys at Statistics Sweden. Triton integrates some already existing common tools such as the web collection tool and the scanning system. It also includes new tools: an administration/design tool for setting parameters for a specific survey and monitoring the survey progress, a tool for working with individual objects in collection and editing, and a communication platform that connects all the parts of the system. The paper will present the different parts of the system and discusses experiences and lessons learned from the development and implementation stages.