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Using an Action-Research Model to Develop a Grid on a Self-Administered Questionnaire
Carrie Jones, Bureau of Labor Statistics 
*William Paul Mockovak, Bureau of Labor Statistics 
Sharon Stang, Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Keywords: Grid, Response Analysis Survey, mixed-methods, action-research

In preparation for a new survey to measure the number and types of jobs supporting the use of green technologies and practices in business establishments, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) used a series of five pretests with accompanying Response Analysis Surveys (RAS) to develop and refine the survey questionnaire and field procedures. This paper will summarize the objectives of the pretests, describe the data collection modes, and explain how Response Analysis Surveys and more traditional quantitative analyses were used to modify procedures and to refine the questionnaire design, especially the use of a grid for obtaining information about respondents’ use of green technologies and practices.