A Web site for Running and Sharing R Scripts
*Jonathan G Levine, FDA 

Keywords: R, script repository, visualization, statistics

R is readily available, extensible, open source software that can be used to perform a wide variety of statistical analyses and create sophisticated graphical displays of data. Over the last 25 years I have adapted or designed a number of graphical displays for clinical trials data using a variety of software packages. Earlier this year it became apparent that many of these software packages would be soon be unavailable, so I decided to implement these graphical displays in R. This talk will describe a public web site I developed , www.Gersonides.com , in order to have a place to demonstrate and share these R scripts with the statistical community. This web site has recently been enhanced to enable users to store, edit, run, and share R scripts. Current plans call for implementing versions of this application inside the FDA firewall. It is anticipated that there will two versions at FDA, one for running R scripts that require the use of FDA’s supercomputer, and one for scripts that do not.