TL17: How can Quantitative Methods and Tools be Applied by Industry & Regulators to Determine a Medicine’s Value to Payers, Providers and Patients
*Amit Bhattacharyya, GlaxoSmithKline 


In today's hotly contested debate on healthcare in the US and the rest of the world, a lot of emphasis has shifted to the pharmaceutical industry to prove a medicine’s value to a payer to get the drugs reimbursed. Whether the payer is the private insurance (as in the US) or the governments (as in most other countries), there is a need to ascertain a certain value to each drug being developed today, compared to its competitor. In this world of Comparative Effective Research and Health Technology Assessment, this quantification of the value has become so important that the statisticians and other quantitative professionals are sharpening their tools to dive in this new area of research. Slowly, the regulators will be facing the same question in approving drugs in this competitive domain. This roundtable discussion will provide a platform for statisticians in the industry and regulatory bodies to discuss and share the trend and the many research methods and quantitative techniques being developed to tackle this challenge.