Overview of Agreement Statistics for Continuous, Binary, and Ordinal Data
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*Lawrence Lin, Baxter International Inc. 

Keywords: CCC, kappa, weighted kappa, precision and accuracy coefficients, MSD, ICC, TDI, CP, IIR, TIR

This will be a general overview presentation with many practical examples and without many statistical formulas. We will introduce the concepts of un-scaled and scaled agreement statistics based on the basic case of assessing agreement between two raters with paired samples for continuous, binary, and ordinal data. We will then progress into more complex cases when we have multiple raters and each rater has multiple readings per sample. The content of the presentation will largely be based on the materials presented in the newly published book by Springer, entitled “Statistical Tools for Assessing Agreement”. Based on the tools presented, we will examine an individual bioequivalence dataset, and explore the true meaning of the proposed two-stage criteria of constant and reference scales presented in the FDA guidance UCM070244: Statistical Approaches to Establishing Bioequivalence.