A Presentation of the ADAPT-IT Project
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*Scott M Berry, Berry Consultants 

Keywords: Adaptive Designs, Clinical Trials, Bayesian Statistics

Adaptive Designs Accelerating Promising Trials into Treatments (ADAPT-IT), is a grant funded jointly by the NIH and FDA to bring innovative trial design to the NETT (Neurological Emergencies Treatment Trials) network. The ADAPT-IT teams explores and develops confirmatory adaptive clinical trial designs with the individual trial teams of NETT (five teams). Adaptive designs are developed, presented, and simulations are conducted in each project. A methodological team studies the interactions: They identify and quantitatively characterize the adaptive clinical trial methods of greatest potential value in confirmatory phase clinical trials and study the enthusiasm and concerns of key stakeholders that influence their willingness to try these innovative strategies. In this presentation the ADAPT-IT project will be discussed as well the ICECAP trial.