Suicidality Assessment across Multiple Indications using the C-SSRS: Improved Outcomes, Increased Precision with Decreased Burden
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*Kelly Posner, Columbia University 

Keywords: C-CASA, C-SSRS, Suicide

Concerns over the relationship of suicidality to medications led to efforts to assess suicidal outcomes. The lack of standardized methods resulted in an inability to accurately assess risk and benefit and misattribution of risk. This presentation highlights the feasible and effective assessment of suicidality across a wide range of indications, using a single measure (C-SSRS) to optimize data collection and meta-analyses, and strengthen data rigor. These methods decrease false positives, increase sensitivity and specificity, and demonstrate the ability to predict events, and has led to more precise and lower risk estimates (tighter CI’s) and a 50% reduction in identified suicide attempts; in a non-psychiatric program, suicidal events decreased by over 20-fold vs. spontaneously-generated adverse events. Data strategies and their utility in safety and benefit analyses will be elucidated.