Wiki Resources for Answering Common Clinical Safety Questions with Graphs – Part 2
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*Richard Forshee, U.S. Food and Drug Administration 

Keywords: statistical graphs, visualization, clinical trials, safety

The General Principles sub-team of the Industry/FDA/Academia Safety Graphics Working Group has created several resources to help you design high-quality statistical graphs that help readers develop a rich understanding of the data and analysis you are presenting. The resources include 1) a set of flowcharts designed to help statisticians choose the most appropriate type of graph; 2) a set of wiki pages describing classes of graphs, for example histograms and scatterplots; 3) a list of do’s and don’ts for statistical graphs; and 4) examples of effective statistical graphs and the software code used to produce them. The resources on the Wiki are a collaborative effort of the individual contributors and do not represent FDA requirements or policy. Using improved statistical graphs will enhance communication among all stakeholders and advance public health.