CANCELED - TL12: Value of Medicine - how can industry & regulators help in assessing the value to a Payer
Amit Bhattacharyya, GlaxoSmithKline 

Keywords: Comparative Effectiveness Research, Health Technology Assessment, Quantitative Analytics, Indirect comparison, Regulatory Implications.

In today's hotly contested debate on healthcare in the US and the rest of the world, a lot of emphasis is shifted to the pharmaceutical makers of the drugs to prove its value to a payer to get the drugs reimbursed. Whether the payer is the private insurance or the governments, there is a need to ascertain a certain value to each drug being developed today, compared to its competitors. In this world of CER & HTA, this value proposition has become so important that the statisticians and other quantitative professionals are sharpening their tools to dive in this new area of research. This roundtable discussion will provide the platform for statisticians in the industry and regulatory bodies to focus on the following three issues: 1. How can statisticians assist in ascertain value? 2. Are there well-established methods for the quantitative analytics? 3. Any regulatory implications in future?