TL62: Oncology Phase I Clinical Trial Designs: Can Current Approaches Be Improved To Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness?
*Serap Sankoh, Millennium Pharmaceuticals: The Takeda Oncolgy Company 


Oncology Phase I Clinical Trials To Be Compared: Tradtional 3+3 Escalation Rules, Accelarated Titration, Bayesian Continual Reassessment Model, Bayesian Logistic Regression Model,and Ji's Bayes Method? Determining the optimal design under optimal conditions. The reasons why we choose one design over the others. Questions to be discussed at the roundtable discussion: 1) What is the industry standard for Oncology Phase I Clinical Design? Why do we chooce one design over the others? 2)What were the experiences with clinicians and regulatory agencies choosing one design over the others? 3) What were the obstacles?