TL07: Cross Pharma Initiatives
*Herbert Thijs, Hasselt University - I-Biostat 


Nowadays more and more pharmaceutical companies are investing money in research with respect to statistical innovations related to drug development. Many companies have loads and loads of data which can be used to answer scientifically interesting questions. The interesting aspect of those questions is that several companies have similar interests and if only we could merge those questions ans also the data it might be a huge step forward to answer even more interesting questions. One specific example deals with allometric scaling where animal models are thought to be helpful to predict outcomes in human beeings. This is only one topic where several companies are investigating the possibilities but where from an academic point of view a great opportunity lies in unifying those companies and their data.

Themain goal of this roundtable is to find out to what extent companies are indeed willing to cooperate in such an initiative and even more important what are possible opportunities or drawbacks.