Validated Methods for US and International Trade
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*Robert E. Koeritzer, 3M Food Safety 


Global food trade has increased significantly over the past ten years, increasing the need for consistent, scientifically validated testing methodologies. Regionally developed and validated food safety methods no longer meet the needs of our global commerce. Harmonization of methods and validation schemes has long been a dream for many food analytical scientists and those companies that import and export food products. Two primary organizations are recognized globally in the area of analytical method validation, AOAC International and AFNOR. These two organizations agree on the need for sound method validation, including collaborative study, but the protocol details and interpretation of the study results have always separated these two organizations. The gap has been narrowing in recent years and with the European adoption of (CEN ISO 16140); a uniform protocol for the validation of proprietary microbiology methods is feasible. The current AOAC International Official Methods of Analysis process as well as the AOAC Research Institute; Performance Tested protocols will be discussed and compared to the ISO16140 protocol.