Utilizing Patient Data to Guide Treatment – All Patients are Not the Same!
*J. Kyle Wathen, Janssen R&D 

Keywords: adaptive platform trial, personalized medicine, patient specific treatments

When a patient visits their physician and learns they have a disease they often assume that any medical guidance they receive is personalized. However, in many diseases, such as cancer, it is not uncommon that a patient enrolls into a clinical trial where their treatment is selected by the flip of a coin, ignoring almost all information about them. Recent changes in the approach to clinical trials are attempting to “personalize” patient treatments. In this talk, I will describe a adaptive platform trial where patients are initially screened and observed to determine which of the experimental treatment they are most likely to respond to. When the patient enters the study, only treatments that are likely to benefit the patient will be considered. At any point during the study, treatments may be removed because it is unlikely that they provide benefit and new drugs may be added to target a specific set of patients.