TL27: The Interface between Statistical and PKPD Modeling and Simulation
Dionne Price, CDER, FDA  *Matthew David Rotelli, Eli Lilly and Company 

Keywords: PKPD, Modeling, Simulation, Acceleration, Collaboration

The fields of statistics and PKPD have made tremendous advancements in the last two decades toward accelerating drug development through innovative study designs and model based drug development. While there has been some great collaboration in method development, and isolated examples of integration in practice, generally these groups work in silos and confusion, skepticism and mistrust among practitioners limit realization of the potential synergies of these combined fields. The goal of this round table discussion will be to identify areas of modeling and simulation where better cross education, communication, and collaboration can remove barriers or further enhance drug development. Venues for scientific sessions, workshops, and symposia to address the identified topics will also be discussed.