Celebrate Our Past AND Energize Our Future
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*Christy Chuang-Stein, Pfizer Inc 


This year, the American Statistical Association celebrates its 175th anniversary while the Biopharmaceutical Section celebrates its 33rd anniversary. Despite its short history, the Section has several proud firsts amongst ASA’s 27 sections. The Section is the first to offer section-sponsored long-distance learning program and pioneer the use of podcast for communication. The Section has the largest coffers among ASA’s Sections and is using its rich resources for activities beneficial to its members. During the same period, the pharmaceutical industry has experienced tremendous growth and made substantial contributions to disease management. The advent of vaccines, the availability of anti-microbials, and the reduction in coronary heart disease through the use of heart medicines have increased life expectancy and improved the quality of life for millions of patients. These accomplishments were possible because of the collective dedications of many including statisticians. Looking forward, the rapid pace of change in our industry requires us to increase our agility, responsiveness and entrepreneurship. We need to capitalize on our technical leadership in adaptive design as well as on modeling and simulation. We need to anticipate opportunities and practice disruptive leadership. We need to collaborate more and help each other become the best we could be together. If we can do these and do these well, I am confident that we will enjoy another gratifying ride in an exciting, and at times bumpy, journey during the next 25 years.