TL47: Analyzing subjective measurements of pain
*Linda Roycroft, Novartis Animal Health  *Lawrence Bryson, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica,Inc. 

Keywords: pain, indirect measurement, animals, babies, veterinary, score data, categorical data

Quantifying the level of pain for a patient that cannot communicate directly with the investigator (i.e., animals, babies, or adults unable to communicate) is difficult and requires indirect measurement facilitated through the investigator and/or another individual such as an owner or caregiver. Measurement tools for this purpose often include questionnaires, considered to be reflective of the level of pain the patient is experiencing, whose data is usually recorded as ordered categorical scores or visual analog scales. These questionnaires are utilized in studies designed to determine the effectiveness of a treatment or for comparing effectiveness of different treatments. However, for the questionnaire to be an effective tool, an appropriate approach for analysis must be identified. In this roundtable session we will share ideas and experiences regarding methods to measure and analyze pain including the use of scoring data, along with discussing the pros and cons of each approach.