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Friday, February 21
Fri, Feb 21, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Regency D
Making a Difference in the Real World? Applications of Meta-Analysis

WITHDRAWN: Thinking Statistically in Social Science and Humanities (SSH) Research: An Example of Meta-Analysis of Foreign Language Classroom Assessment Using R (303990)

*SONGTAO WANG, University of Victoria 

Keywords: meta-analysis, R programming, multi-disciplinary research method, classroom assessment

The method of meta-analysis assesses the effectiveness of interventions through a series of secondary data synthesis and analysis to provide a systematic review of the current subject matter. Being wieldy used in medical science, it also holds values for stakeholders ( e.g. researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and investors) in social science and humanities in terms of the maturity of the current industry, as well as a possible future research agenda. The purpose of this session is to introduce the steps of conducting a meta-analysis using R, including topic formulation, data collection and screening, data analysis and visualization, and bias assessment. Part of the datasets which is from presenter's research project The Effectiveness of Technological Tools in Language Education will be demonstrated to the audience as practice, as well as results from the project as examples. Upon finishing the session, the audience is going to learn ideas and process of meta-analysis in a view of applying it in other respective disciplines. Benefits and cautions of interpreting results from secondary data analysis will be discussed in the end.