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Saturday, February 16
Sat, Feb 16, 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM
Creating Effective Visualizations

Easy Ways to Make Data Visualizations More Effective (303796)

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*Sara Richter, Professional Data Analysts, Inc. 

Keywords: Data visualization, graphing, public health

Throughout the data analysis process, graphs and tables can be effective in conveying statistical findings. Applying simple data visualization best practices to these graphs and tables can take mediocre data displays to high impact communication tools. This presentation will provide participants with ideas for creating high impact graphs and tables for a wide variety of statistical findings, including displaying single numbers to group comparisons to logistic regression output. During the presentation we will review data visualization best practices. We will demonstrate and discuss the effectiveness of these practices through before-and-after examples. We will also highlight ways to combine tables and graphs into a single visual element and offer ideas to streamline and enhance standard graphs like bar charts and scatterplots. While many of the examples will come from public health and health care, the principles will be applicable to participants from all fields.