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Friday, February 16
GS1 Keynote Address Fri, Feb 16, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Salon E

Reflections on Career Opportunities and Leadership in Statistics (303704)

*Lisa LaVange, The University of North Carolina 

In this presentation, Lisa LaVange will recount some of her experiences from a multi-sector career in statistics and discuss how training and experience prepare her for the different opportunities that come her way. Focusing on the past six years at FDA, LaVange will highlight areas where statistics has had a positive impact on the work of FDA, describe the challenges in drug development and regulation that still exist, and discuss how leading with statistics can help meet these challenges more effectively going forward. LaVange will reflect on the value of undergraduate and graduate training in preparing statisticians for leadership positions and discuss how to maximize on-the-job training opportunities for further career advancement. Taking into account the growing demand for data scientists and their influence in the marketplace, LaVange will discuss the skill sets statisticians must master today to be ready for the future.