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Saturday, February 17
PS3 Poster Session 3 and Continental Breakfast Sat, Feb 17, 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM
Salons F-I

Animated Data Visualization with Plotly: Useful Tool for Health Care Quality Improvement (303693)

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*Eric A. Tesdahl, SpecialtyCare, Inc. 

Keywords: data visualization, quality improvement, healthcare, communication, animation

Within the healthcare industry, assessments of clinician and hospital performance can be especially challenging given wide variations in patient characteristics, clinical practice patterns, and the number of patients receiving care from any one clinician or hospital in a given period. A key aspect of a statistician’s role in such organizations is to help colleagues and decision-makers to identify meaningful sources of clinical variation so that quality improvement resources can be deployed where they have the greatest chance of improving patient outcomes. The use of animated data visualization has tremendous potential as a tool for aiding non-statisticians and decision-makers in overcoming common statistical misconceptions, and illustrating the strength of association between quality improvement efforts made and changes in performance over time. This presentation features a brief technical overview of the use of R, ggplot2, and plotly, as well as two vignettes that describe how animated data visualizations of longitudinal clinical performance data were able to convey subtle statistical concepts and illustrate the likely impacts of a particular quality improvement intervention.