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Saturday, February 17
PS3 Poster Session 3 and Continental Breakfast Sat, Feb 17, 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM
Salons F-I

An Easy-to-Use SAS® Macro for a Descriptive Statistics Table with P-Values (303639)

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*Yuanchao Zheng, Stanford University 
Maria Emilia de Oliveira Montez-Rath, Stanford University 
Jin Long, Stanford University 

Keywords: Descriptive Statistics Table, Summary Table, Table 1, P-value, Count Data

With the increase of quantitative information available, data description relies heavily on the presentation of large tables. Software that can easily and automatically create these tables is essential. In this poster, we introduce an easy-to-use macro that allows SAS users to report counts and percentages for categorical variables as well as means, standard deviations, medians, and quantiles for continuous variables with an option to include p-values. For variables with missing values, the table also includes the count and percentage missing. We will show how we can easily customize the code to allow the analysis of stratified data, the specification of variables’ output order, and user defined formats. It automatically outputs a Rich Text Format (RTF) file, which can be further edited by a word processor. These tables can easily be formatted for publications or meeting presentations, facilitating communications with clients.