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Friday, February 16
CS09 Presenting and Storytelling Fri, Feb 16, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Salon A

Telling the Story of Your Stats (303569)

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*Jennifer H. Van Mullekom, Virginia Tech 

Keywords: Communication. Narrative, Storytelling

Stories and narratives have always been an integral part of our world. Through the years, journalists have discovered that while facts and numbers describe the severity of humanitarian crises, stories about individuals resonate with the audience and prompt action. Statisticians and data scientists can use storytelling to effectively connect to audiences at all levels to facilitate decision making in the face of uncertainty. This talk will provide frameworks for storytelling such as Olsen's "And, But,Therefore". It will include a deep dive into Azid's ADEPT methodology to connect complex subject matter to laypeople. Examples of statistical talk makeovers with respect to story and effective communication of complex material will be highlighted as well.