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Friday, February 16
CS01 #LeadWithStatistics Fri, Feb 16, 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM
Salon A

Developing and Delegating: Two Key Strategies to Master as a Technical Leader (303566)

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*Diahanna L. Post, Nielsen, Columbia University 

Keywords: coaching, delegating, management, leadership

As you move into management and leadership roles, it can be challenging to learn how to take on more responsibilities while maintaining your subject matter expertise. Two key strategies to demonstrating how effective you are as a leader are delegating tasks and developing your people. By delegating, you create more time for yourself to think strategically about organization and staff needs, as well as how to help your boss. By developing your team members, you are increasing their capacity to take on more work, improving their skills, and ultimately helping to retain them in the organization. Yet new leaders are often so busy keeping up with their own work while taking on the challenges of management that they fail to do these two critical tasks. This talk will explain the importance of the tasks and provide practical tips, based on both research and practical experience, to allow you to grow your own skills in these two areas.