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Friday, February 16
CS15 Statisticians Teaching Fri, Feb 16, 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM
Salon D

Should I Bring a Basket of Fish or Some Fishing Poles? (303565)

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Kristen Gore, Hewlett Packard 
*Kathy Hall, Hewlett Packard 

Keywords: Client empowerment, communication, effective statistics applications

Statisticians working in organizations whose primary product is not data analysis, work with the organization to use statistics as a tool to meet the organization’s objectives. The statistician must decide between doing the analysis, teaching the clients how to do the analysis, or providing a script which the clients will run on their own. Client baseline knowledge, frequency of method use, probability of clients mastering the material, software availability and urgency of obtaining a solution are factors that complicate the statistician’s decision to perform the analysis or push the clients to do it themselves. Key is training clients to recognize when they need to apply statistics. Industrial statisticians develop training courses when there is widespread need for client skills. The statistician must balance the above issues with software availability. Teaching when and how to get support in the organization is also critical. Examples include success stories and spectacular failures of our choices.. Audience members will be invited to share methods they have discovered that work well or should be avoided at all costs.