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Friday, February 16
CS12 Education to Practice and Data Visualization Fri, Feb 16, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Salon E

The Life-Cycle of a Project: Visualizing Data from Start to Finish (303553)

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*Nola du Toit, NORC at the University of Chicago 
Edward Mulrow, NORC at the University of Chicago 

Keywords: Data visualization, infographics

The value of data visualization is now well recognized across many organizations within a wide variety of industries. It is a vital method for both exploration and analysis of data, as well as presentation of findings and dissemination of information. Data visualization can be used to examine trends in data, find discrepancies between groups, and identify patterns that could easily be overlooked. For researchers and practitioners, data visualization is particularly useful for explaining data and presenting findings to a variety of audiences, across numerous platforms (such as Tableau, R, Excel), and in easily digestible formats (static images, interactive dashboards, and infographics). We will discuss how data visualization can be used across the life-cycle of a project, starting with data exploration and examination of trends and patterns, through fitting models to the data, and ending with best visualization and infographic styles to present findings. We will discuss best practices for visualizing data at the various project life-cycle stages and make suggestions for getting the most out of this versatile tool.