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Friday, February 16
CS09 Presenting and Storytelling Fri, Feb 16, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Salon A

How to Give a Really Awful Presentation (303550)

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*Paul Teetor, William Blair & Co 

Keywords: presentations

I have seen many awful presentations. There are a surprising number of ways to make your presentations be awful. Avoid the temptation. Don’t do it. This presentation (which is not awful) lists many mistakes I’ve seen and suggests how to avoid them. By considering the list, I hope you will create presentations that are remembered for their wonderful content, not their awful style. The list of mistakes includes - Read your slides - Talk continuously without pause - Use dense text, tables, math, illustrations, code, and references - Show computer code, but don't explain it - Use jargon without explaining it - Assume everyone in the audience is a near-expert in your field - Don't give a motivating introduction - Don't give a summary - Make many "most important" points - Mumble and speed-talk - Negate yourself ("I'm don't know much about X, but ...") - Negate your materials ("This isn't important, but ...") - Hide behind the podium - Never smile, avoid humor at all costs. - Use bizarre colors, fonts, and transitions - Run past your allowed time - Ask "Any questions?", then ignore the audience - Ignore the mood of the room