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Saturday, February 17
CS21 Developing Communication Skills Sat, Feb 17, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Salon A

How to Communicate Statistics, and How Statisticians Should Communicate (303528)

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Janice Branson, Novartis Pharma 
*Achim Guettner, Novartis Pharma 

Keywords: communication skills, leadership, diplomatic skills, leader in a matrix environment, career development

The objective of this presentation is to emphasize that continued development of communication skills and self-awareness are important for statisticians who act or want to act as influencers in industry. In addition, well-founded communication skills as well as proven leadership are supportive in career development. Several soft skills will be reviewed, that are relevant for statisticians in industry, who interact frequently with quantitative-distant colleagues and who are leading teams in a matrix environment. As a team leader it will become obvious that, by considering phases of team building, a high-performing team can deliver more than individual contributions. With practical examples differences between mentoring, coaching and guiding – 3 key activities for team leaders – will be explained. Some basic principles for effective communication and diplomacy will also be covered. This is especially important for non-native English speakers who need to explain statistical topics to colleagues with non-quantitative backgrounds. For the end of the presentation time will be reserved for Q&A and references to online material (further reading, YouTube) will be distributed.