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Saturday, February 17
CS17 Passion for Statistics Sat, Feb 17, 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM
Salon A

Statistics in the Wild: Practicing Statistics in Nontraditional Places, from a Tiny Island in the Pacific to the Federal Cabinet (303499)

*Heather Krause, Datassist 

Keywords: Communication, Collaboration, Data Visualization, Equity, Non-traditional settings, Diversity

Statistics in the Wild: Practicing statistics in nontraditional places from a tiny island in the Pacific to the Federal Cabinet

With the spread of data into all aspects of the global environment comes the need for applied statistics outside of traditional settings. Heather Krause, CEO of Datassist will share six key ingredients for taking statistics into the wild. Join us to learn how you can use your statistical skills in unique settings and hear some data stories and lessons learned from a career of doing statistical analysis with world leaders, with people who are illiterate, within conflict zones, with orangutans, and more.

Discover how to use your statistical skills for social good. Gather some new ideas for optimizing your work in your organization. Learn how to communicate complex statistical results to diverse audiences.