Saturday, February 25
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Generating Tables and Statistical Summary Using PROC REPORT (303431)

*Lei Zhang, University of Minnesota 

Keywords: Statistical summary, PROC REPORT

As a biostatistician working in a research institute, writing a nice statistical summary is essential. SAS provides a powerful tool PROC REPORT that allows us to generate a variety of report-ready tables. Along with the use of ODS RTF TEXT, you can write the entire summary report in SAS. It is especially beneficial for a longitudinal study with multiple interim analyses or DSMB reports when the same tables need to be generating multiple times due to the change of database. Even for a small study, it is also helpful if an investigator would like to see the data or present the preliminary results in the middle of enrollment. We avoid potential typing errors and save times. In this paper, we will focus on PROC REPORT output to the RTF destination as word document is most commonly used format for presenting statistical results for investigators. We will discuss PROC REPORT and ODS RTF TEXT, and some useful features/options step by step for generating stylish tables.