Friday, February 24
GS1 Keynote Address Fri, Feb 24, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
River Terrace 1

Snakes and Ladders: Challenges in Forging a Career in Statistics (303404)

*David Lane Banks, Duke University 

As statisticians, we understand the role that chance plays in building a successful career. But there is also a Central Limit Theorem in life, so that things tend to average out. This talk points up some of the tools we have to increase our mean and reduce our variance when climbing the corporate ladder, or creating a consulting network, or leveraging our skill sets to create new opportunities. It also lists some of the snakes one tends to encounter along the way, and strategies for defanging or avoiding them. Going forward, our profession faces new headwinds, but the economy is tilting ever more towards a knowledge-based marketplace, and we can exploit that trend.