Friday, February 24
CS06 Business Intelligence Practices Fri, Feb 24, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
River Terrace 3

Bridging the Gap on Multi-Channel Attribution (303372)

Danny Jin, Epsilon Data Management 
*John Lin, Epsilon Data Management 

Keywords: Multi-Channel Attribution, Fractional Attribution, Measurement, Media Mix, Marketing Mix, Universal Control, Global Control, Channel Weight

Long gone are the days when organizations rely on a single channel to get their messages across. Today, with the ever-expanding set of ways to reach audiences, many find themselves faced with new challenges in measuring the effectiveness of their communication tactics and quantifying the ROI of their expenditure, especially down to the channel level. Some are attempted to give credit to the channel in which the target event happened, even if audiences were previously exposed to other channels. Others favor the channel of first interaction. This presentation advocates the industry best practice of fractional attribution and introduces the concepts of campaign, channel and global control groups as well as channel weights in the process. It aims to equip applied statisticians with the necessary knowledge and techniques to develop a robust and accurate algorithm that can help organizations tackle the problem of multi-channel attribution with certainty and confidence.

The presentation will be laid out as the following -

1) An overview of the current state of multi-channel attribution 2) Review the various approaches of multi-channel attribution in the marketplace 2a) Judgmental, business rules-based 2b) Historic data-based 2c) Media mix modeling vs. multi-channel attribution 3) Advanced data-driven fractional attribution. Topics we will cover include - 3a) How to quantify channel weights that will be critical input to the fractional attribution engine 3b) How to use channel response models or segmentation to address the inherent difference within the consumer pool 3c) How to set up and leverage control groups at different levels (such as campaign, channel and global) within the grand scheme of multi-channel attribution 4) Real world case study walk-through