Friday, February 24
CS06 Business Intelligence Practices Fri, Feb 24, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
River Terrace 3

On the Street: Conducting Business Research (303360)

*Joyce Nilsson Orsini, Fordham University GBA 

Keywords: Statistical Studies, Business Research, Fieldwork, Training

In the planning, designing, and conducting of business research, the last area is where the least complete work is often done for the field worker. Decisions that need to be made in the field are often made by the field person without benefit of the statistician. In one study, it was found that, on average, field workers made six decisions a day on their own, where they would have benefited from a statistical consult. Even though a statistician could be reached by telephone or text, people were reluctant to ask, most for fear of appearing inadequate to the task, believing the choice 'is probably not that important,' or losing time. It is impossible to anticipate every single decision a worker might have to make. So, some rudimentary statistical thinking might be helpful. This paper will discuss which statistical concepts have proven useful in guiding field people to make the correct decisions.