Friday, February 24
CS03 Data Wrangling and Visualization Fri, Feb 24, 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM
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Discover and Visualize the Golden Paths, Unique Sequences, and Marvelous Associations Out of Your Big Data Using Link Analysis in SAS Enterprise Miner (303345)

*Delali Agbenyegah, Alliance Data Card Services 
Candice Zhang, Alliance Data Card Services 

Keywords: Link Analysis,Association, Sequence,visualization,SAS

The need to extract useful information from large amount of data to positively influence business and government decisions is on the rise especially with the hyper expansion of data collection and storage and the advancement in computing capabilities. Many enterprises and government institutions now have well established databases to capture data on every interaction that goes on within their organization. Link Analysis is a data mining technique that is used to identify and evaluate relationships or connections as well as sequences among various types of objects including people, organizations and transactions. This analytic technique can be applied in fraud detection, counterterrorism, computer security analysis, search engine optimization, market research and medical research. However, creating an efficient and robust statistical algorithm to conduct link analysis on big data can be a daunting task. Fortunately, the newly added Link Analysis node in SAS ® Enterprise Miner TM provides a simple to use but yet powerful analytical tool to extract, analyze, discover and visualize the connections (links) and sequences that exist in any dataset. In this paper, we discuss the basic elements of link analysis from a statistical perspective and provide a step by step example of how to conduct link analysis using SAS Enterprise Miner.