Friday, February 24
CS16 Generalized Linear Mixed Models with R Fri, Feb 24, 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM
City Terrace 9

Constructing and Analyzing Generalized Linear Mixed Models (303316)

*Christina P Knudson, Macalester College 

Keywords: applied statistics, R package, modeling, inference, data analysis, generalized linear mixed model

Recent advances in statistical theory have brought about a new R package for modeling and analyzing generalized linear mixed models (GLMMs). Session attendants will learn to model binomial- and Poisson-distributed responses with correlated observations, construct confidence intervals, and perform hypothesis tests using the R package glmm. This session will illustrate the flexibility of GLMMs with examples from a variety of fields. No prior experience with GLMMs is required, but an ability to construct models in R is assumed.