Friday, February 24
CS04 Keep It Simple with R Fri, Feb 24, 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM
City Terrace 9

Reproducibility in Action (303300)

*Richard Thomas Schwinn, U.S. Small Business Administration 

Keywords: reproducible, reproducibility, R, knitr, rstudio, small business, economics, latex, design, graphics, visual, visualization, aesthetic, ADA, ADA compliance, PDF, word, html, YAML, research

Reproducibility can protect against the potentially serious consequences of careless research. Reproducible research refers to analyses published with both source code and data so that others, including non-experts, can easily verify findings and build upon them. I discuss some of the history of reproducibility and provide live demonstrations to highlight its potential outside academia. Next, I open a blank R-Studio script and show the audience how, using government APIs, they can produce thousands of high quality regional reports within minutes. I then illustrate the efficiency and transparency of reproducibility techniques using high quality Advocacy publications which track the US economy's 28 million small businesses. I show that the languages of R, RMarkdown, and knitr make calling multiple APIs, repeating analyses, and embracing aesthetic principles straightforward and easy.