Saturday, February 25
CS21 Communicating to Motivate and Influence Sat, Feb 25, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
River Terrace 2

The Psychology of Influence (303295)

*Colleen Mangeot, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center 

Keywords: influence, motivation, sales

Influencing others is a critical communication skill. Consulting statisticians must be able to influence others to purchase their services. Managers must be able to influence employees, and statisticians may need to influence investigators. We all need to be able to motivate ourselves to take certain actions in order to be successful.

This workshop will answer: What motivates people to do something? How can I apply that to get myself or others to take action? It will provide the fundamental concept and tool to use to influence yourself and others. Examples will be shared to help you apply it to your specific situation. You will practice using the tool with a partner during the session. Come in curious, go out motivated and taking action.